Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bedroom gets a feminine facelift

I recently decided to get a new roommate which meant moving all my stuff out of the small bedroom upstairs I've been using as a walk-in closet and consolidate it all into the room on the first floor. This room has no closet and is already pretty small so I knew I was going to have to be crafty to get all the things I wanted in this room while still being functional and maintaining an eye pleasing look. Being that the walls are already a dark charcoal gray I decided to sell my dark wood dresser and get a smaller white dresser from Ikea. Also, I needed somewhere to hang my clothes that can't be folded. I found a nice solution in white, also from Ikea. I didn't have a bed frame yet so while I was there, I picked up this cute little number. Nice and cheap and simple lines. Also a light color to keep the room airy. When I first arranged the room I had the bed crammed up in a corner against a wall with no room for any endtables so I got two of these hanging exposed light bulbs to hang over each pillow to act as a "bedside light".

But even with the light furniture and curtains, the room was still uncomfortable and felt very much like a boys dorm room with my black comforter and awkward furniture arrangement. I didn't have a lot of space to work with and had quite a bit of furniture in the room but I was determined to make this room feel more like a grown up girl's room rather than the sports den it felt like.

Que in the makeover! it kind of struck me one day that I could arrange the room in a different way, it would be tight but probably doable. Once something is in my head like that I have to try it. The very first thing I did when I got home was try the new arrangement. At first, I didn't know if I liked it, but the more I realized the room is just freakin small, there isn't anything I can do to hide or fix that I realized this would be a much more convenient arrangement.

So far I've found two really cheap chairs that were sturdy and just needed some love. I've refinished them and am using them as entables.

I think the Ikea furniture is great and simple but needs a little something special so I found these great pulls at Home Depot. I think they really help the Anedoba feel a little more grown up and girly.

The icing on the cake really is, for me, the bedspread I found at target. I was dying to try and find a sturdy, quilt-like spread, that could withstand the wear and tear my dog was going to put it through. This beautiful creation by Target really did the trick. A graphic floral pattern in gray and yellow was just the bright dash of sunshine this room needed. I was so happy to see that black bedspread go!

With that yellow in mind, there was a sad little table that was giving me the puppy dog eyes to get a little makeover. This table has been with my family for a long-long time and I thought it was about time, it got a little love.

So far, Roscoe seems to be loving it just fine! As long as I let him lay on the bed, I don't think he really cares what my room looks like I guess!


  1. What a great looking room! I am looking forward to an upcoming bedroom facelift and you've given me some extra inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Wow, all of it looks gorgeous. Just found your blog via Design*Sponge, looks like you've got a knack for the before and afters!
    I just moved to Columbus, and am tackling a fixer-upper Victorian Village apartment. Hopefully I'll be sharing some b&a's sooner rather than later :)

  3. wow, man, this is amazing! just found your blog, too. chairs as bedside tables - why did I not think of that before? they look great, and they seem to be the best height for the bed, too. x

  4. Our bedroom is gray and yellow too! Nice choice. Oh and yes, lets start a letterpress business :)