Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It started with a post-it

We have this new motto for our national campaign for CCAD, "We see things a bit differently". I think it's kind of a ridiculous statement and so I've come up with this little guy based on our Art Sign. Nothin beat a monocle. NOTHING.

Fellow CCAD students and grads... If I made this into a t-shirt, would you buy one? Maybe I'll open a Screened shop.


  1. Awesome! I would totally wear a shirt with this on it. Way better than any shirts CCAD currently offers.

  2. I want a shirt, and it looks like your aesthetic. People want to hire you for your style, not because you can do stuff. I wear a Medium, btw.

  3. I'm NOT a CCAD student, and I would totally buy this shirt :)