Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two recent finals

Here are two of my last finals. I had one more huge final project but unfortunately I'm contractually unable to show it at this time. Keep your fingers crossed that something good comes out of that!

First up is my Ad/Graph sub brand final. The objective of the assignment was to image a sub brand camping company to any existing company and come up with branding, logo, launch ads and some sort of packaging for a chosen camping related product. My brand was designed to be a sub brand to Pottery Barn Kids and is titled Kakuee. A large part of my launch ad branding was the idea of children's imaginations and the ability young minds have to see a reality of their own anywhere. This project still needs tweaking but this is what was turned it. I feel so so about it.

The second project is one of two finals I was working on for my packaging design class. The assignment was to create a soap decide how much it would cost, what materials it would be made of, and how it would be packaged. I came up with one idea which my teacher thought "boring" so I went to a different idea and decided to finish my first idea up at a later time. Here is what I turned it. "Debutant Soap" for girls of any age. The soap is clear and in the mold of a diamond (which I painstakingly carved by hand). It's inset in a holster on the inside of the box. The exterior of the box is the abstracted cuts a diamond possesses. Simple geometric shapes will stand off the shelves against the cluster-fuck of all the other soap packaging.

Like I said, I'd like to be able to to show you my Web II final project that I've been coding for the past month but I probably won't be able to show that for a few months if one of my designs is chosen or up to a year and a half if it's not.

Thankfully, it's break and although I'll be working a little bit, I am going to have a lot of time to work on my own project. I hope to touch my computer very little over break other than to read my favorite blogs, tweet and check my email. Tyler and I will be painting the living and bed rooms today. Which is very exciting!!!

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