Sunday, February 8, 2009


Was somewhat successful. Better than I expected at least.
I will be rendering allllll night. UGH.


  1. It came out really well, I especially like the fading out at the bottom :)

  2. Notice that I used "well" haha aren't you proud

  3. Wow that looks great! Congrats!

  4. hi! i'm jen hutson's sister.
    i found your blog by accident (that's a lie, i was stalking :/) when she left herself logged into my computer. i'm subscribed to yo' feed now, and i wanted to comment on the beautiful watercolor above!

    jen's never really worked with watercolor before and although i have, i'm really no good. so i'm going to propose that you, stranger, donate/auction any of your unwanted watercolors to me! i need a pretty watercolor portrait to frame for my collection. :) i'm kind of obsessed with fadey-watercolors .. do you know of stina persson? - i loooove her work. and anje jager's lovely albeit infrequent watercolors. and the watercolor-esque touches in geraldine georges' illustrations.

    ta ta!

  5. Does that person have a broken nose, or are you just talentless?