Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend of Updates and Loves

Painted the not-so-sunny-sun-room. (Finally)

Great shot of the sun shining in the living room around 4pm.

Roscoe taking it easy on my/his bed. New lamp shades!

I love the storage/drawer bench my dad build for me. It's the most functional piece in my room at the moment.

I purchased some more of the same hardware I got for my armour for my dresser. Much more elegant now me thinks!

Poor Roscoe had to go to the vet this weekend and got two shots, an ear cleaning, hair trim, nail trim then another shot for a possible allergic reaction all in one visit! He was such a big boy about it, we went to Pet People and got him a new toy. To my surprise, it's still intact and he seems to love it.

Isn't he cute?? (say yes if you know what's good for you. just kidding, but no, really.)


  1. His buddy .. no toy has ever lasted under the clutches of "big bad Roscoe" (he's such a gentle soul). Kwah!

  2. lovin' the bedroom side tables and kitchen island wall!

  3. your place looks amazing! Love the new paint color and all your vintage pics. So inspiring!