Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick Kitchen Jar DIY

I did this a couple weeks ago to help my spice/random boxed food situation in my pantry. I go through cereal, rice and spices like it's my job so I buy in bulk and big "family sizes" so that leads to some stale rice and cornflakes. No good. So I bought these jars from Ikea a couple months ago and they sat in my trunk for a WHILE. Finally I got to them and took out the remaining chalkboard paint I had from painting my kitchen walls. This was the result.

I'm really happy with them except for when I accidentally smudge the chalk which is really more of a problem for the spices than the obvious. But this lets them be very versatile and I can change their uses anytime.


  1. Pretty brilliant. And aesthetically pleasing! I want to be you.

  2. I can't decide on one word to encompass these jars.
    'I wish I would've thought of that'...

  3. This is fantastic and supper cute. I think I might just go to ikea this weekend.