Saturday, May 29, 2010

CCAD Student Handbook

Hiya all! My lack of updates are coming from my crazy busy life as of late. My boyfriend just left Friday morning for his summer internship with Jim Henson's New York Creature Shop. Preparing for that and working full time at work and starting my new internship with Igloo Letterpress has left me with little time to get on here and update. But here I am!

This past week, work has been kind of crazy finalizing changes for the CCAD Viewbook, getting that press ready and quick last minute changes. In addition, I've been working on a concept for the new Student Handbook/Planner. The current version is a horrible, 6"x6", thick, spiral-bound booklet with bad graphics and type. The version I proposed (and got approved) is a 6.5"x9", saddle-stitch book with craft paper cover and completely new layout. Sorry for the crummy mock-up shots but our office is in a basement and the paper we print on is crap-

Cover: blank craft paper for students to sketch on (since they'll do it anyways).

Semester Schedule Block Spread.

Left lists dates, days of the week, as well as important events. Right is blank grid area to sketch, thumbnail, or draw mental notes.

Back cover has a tab 3.25" wide with year at a glance that can function as a bookmark/placeholder.

Thanks to all my CCAD comrades who helped me with the research and feedback of this process. Just have to get it done now! Hahha looking forward to seeing it printed and being used by the students!


  1. Well how effing cute is that? I'm going to need to get my hands on one somehow. Hundreds of high fives for Tyler snagging that internship. You two are certainly a talented team. I can't wait to hear how Igloo is going!

  2. Looks awesome baby! Can't wait to see them all printed up and being used too!