Friday, March 6, 2009


I do believe I'm the only one that likes the new Snapple Logo and thus I'm here to state why.

I didn't particularly find anything in the old packaging that I didn't like but I do believe the new packaging is clean and well done. The font face used for "Snapple" is simply beautiful. The subtle "S" on the glass bottle and the "all natural" slipped into the "S" and "l" space up top were great ideas! I think most people are just offset that the "Snapple" is no longer diagonal. I'm cool with that. I think it's great that more brands are taking away that tacky "LOOK AT ME and my cluster of obnoxious colors and geometric shapes!" look.


  1. I agree. I had nothing against the first design but I think the new design is a definite improvement. It'll be interesting to see how that mess of fruit at the bottom of the old bottle is translated into the newer design.

  2. I wonder when all packaging of products will turn organically themed? Will we have to resort to reading the ingredients label to decide what "All Natural" really means...?
    But from a designers perspective, I appreciate the change. The old logo reminds me of the 90's- financial stability.
    Perhaps it will persuade people to eat better, considering that the New Snapple would look ridiculous next to a Mc meal