Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I got a little ahead of myself

I was so inspired today I think I was over-inspired. If there is such a thing? I just kept looking at blog after blog and getting all these ideas but didn't really do anything! hahah.

Here are some of my favorites that I compiled in my inspiration files today!
And just so everyone is AWARE. I officially want to move to New Zealand so I can play with these little guys. They're called Kiwi's and their and endangered species! Save the KIWI!!!Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day :)


  1. love all the interiors!, can't wait til we finally have a place and can make it our own like that :)

    p.s. kiwis are awesome creatures, they need to stop being endangered so we can go get one

  2. Those are some great interiors.I love those stairs. I wish I had monies.

    Yes you can be over-inspired. You get so many ideas and want to start so many projects and you end up doing none..well at least I do.

  3. Good picks! Those stairs are AMAZE! And that bedazzled antler apparatus is so cool.