Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jess' Bee Natural

Almost done working on the Mailer project for school. For this particular assignment I wanted to try something new. I'd tried out two different mailer layouts before this one and finally decided on doing something traditional. Inspired by my book Hand Job, I created something pretty organic in appearance.

It was done in watercolor and micron pen on illustration board then scanned in. All the type was done by hand by me.


  1. beautiful, but please please please never link to amazon. if linking a book, send people to Indiebound ( - here they can either order online or find a local independent bookstore near them that has it in stock. (aaaannnd right back to the buy local stuff.)

    but really, beautiful. i love seeing posters & such that look handmade, it adds a whole different oomph to the advertisement.

    ALSO! i like that you're doing some actual posting on Tumblr!

    keep it up!

  2. How does it fold or is that just the inside?

  3. Wow. Do you put any effort at all in your work? This is terrible. Enjoy never getting a real job, cunt.

  4. Actually Gene, she designs for a nationwide company. You can she her work in Whole Foods and her she does great work- pretty real job, ass